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With the sighting of the new moon, we welcome Ramadan, as it bears blessings, serenity and nostalgia. During this time of year, I find myself reminiscing about the beautiful memories of fasting days, family iftars, staying up on weekends for suhoor and volunteering for charity bazaars.

I lived most of my life in Saudi Arabia so my sense of belonging always resonates with the old house we grew up in as kids in Jeddah. It was the meeting point of so many joyous meals and family stories.

"The smell of mama's home-cooked meals would fill our home, our innocent minds waiting for Maghrib (Sunset) prayer, the colorful Lebanese abayas my mom would make me and my younger sister wear, the sound of my dad preparing his jellab drink as he stirs in syrup, water and garnish pine nuts, the tray of delicious dates placed at the breakfast table, my mom's sweet voice as she calls us to come to the dining room and lastly, as we are all seated, the silence coincides with my dad's very strong and courteous 'Tafaddalo', in invitation to begin our meal."

This overflow of memories also pins school days during Ramadan. Being young, it wasn't easy to fast in the Saudi heat. I remember my classmates - who were from different faiths - would abstain from eating in front of me, or ask questions in curiosity about Ramadan and fasting; they showed respect and they cared.  We were young back then. Everything seemed so simple and real.

Although over the years, I feel that Ramadan has been somehow over-commercialized, I don't like to cede to the phenomena. It is never about extravagant feasts, majestic venues for iftars or glamorous clothes. In my nature, I have never been into over-blowing things that are meant to remain beautiful in their simplicity and modesty. It is more about family gatherings, the sense of community, encouraging little actions of generosity toward the less fortunate, embracing the moment and reestablishing our priorities and values, sincerity to do good, and most of all gratitude.
Counting your blessings.

As a mom, I have my own little family to care for now: the inseparable trio!
With all the challenges we face, I try to stay true to myself and to my beliefs.
This also apply to how I present myself and how I dress, especially during Ramadan.

Black Maxi Dress
Splash+ Printed Cape with Bell Sleeves
  Evans Statement Necklace
Vintage Sequin Crossbody
Call It Spring White Sneakers

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